How to get to Cinque Terre

By train
Regional trains depart every 40-50 minutes and go through all the towns in the Cinque Terre. Instead of the single ticket you can buy the Cinque Terre Card to move from one country to another in comfort. InterCity trains departing from La Spezia Centrale generally stop in Riomaggiore and Monterosso, from these stations you can move with a regional train.
By car
The Cinque Terre can be reached by car even if it is not the most appropriate mean of transport to make a trip in comfort. The roads, in fact, are narrow and winding and parking very scarce; petrol stations also missing. It is therefore advisable to leave the car in Levanto or La Spezia. If however you prefer to use the car, to Riomaggiore and Manarola: from La Spezia take the SS 370 to Riomaggiore or continue to Manarola. To Monterosso: on the A 12 Genoa-La Spezia exit in Brugnato - Borghetto and follow the road for Soviore, Pignone and Monterosso. To Vernazza and Corniglia: you should never reach these places by car because the road is very narrow and full of curves.
By boat
The movements by sea between the villages of the Cinque Terre are among the most striking. During the summer the docks where the ferries depart are: La Spezia, Portovenere and all the villages of the Cinque Terre. There is also the possibility of embarking from a number of other seaside resorts such as Forte dei Marmi, Viareggio and so on.

The paths of the Cinque Terre , such as the blue path (except the stretch more or less regular in the “Via dell'Amore”), are often steep and inaccessible. Therefore, it is recommended to wear comfortable clothes, hiking shoes and water supplies. During the summer, in addition, it is recommended the use of hats and sunscreen as there is not always the option of standing or walking in the shade. At the reception centers of the National Park of the Cinque Terre or in the rail station you can buy the Cinque Terre Card. The card includes travel by shuttle, free admission to local museums and a reduction on the cost of the municipal museums of La Spezia. The price of the ticket for one day is 6 euro, 9.70 euro for two days. The Cinque Terre Train Card, which allows unlimited use of the transport service on the railway line Levanto-La Spezia, is 12 € for one day, 23  € for two days. It is suggested to those arriving by car to leave it in La Spezia and continue by train.