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The City of Flowers

Founded in Roman times along the Via Julia Augusta and passed from one dominance to another during all the Middle Ages, since the mid - nineteenth century, thanks to the sea, the landscape and mild climate, Sanremo was privileged destination by the nobility and by European aristocracy (including the Tsarina Maria Aleksandrovna and Empress Sissi of Austria) who built many of the houses that make up the city's architectural heritage. Sanremo is still the most popular seaside resort of the Ligurian west coast, tourist destination both in summer and winter.
The city stretches along the coast at the base of the hills behind, redesigned by man in many steps, those that are locally known as "fasce". These are narrow terraces shining on a clear day, when the sun reflects on the greenhouses that host the cultivations of flower species that made the city famous all over the world. Sanremo is in fact called "the city of flowers" and celebrates his vocation, which is at the same time the engine driving the economy of the area, with the "Course flowered", a parade of floats united for a thematic, representatives of the various resorts of the Riviera dei Fiori, made with large allegorical polystyrene figures covered entirely with flowers in a riot of colors and fragrances (each tank takes from 20,000 to 50,000 flowers!). 
The event, with free admission, is the heir of the oldest carnival dedicated to the goddess Flora and takes place every year in early spring (in 2014 will be March 16). 
Among the events that make the city known to most people is worth mentioning the Italian Song Festival and the international cycling race "Milano-Sanremo". For those who choose to spend a few days in this part of Liguria, Sanremo is the ideal base for visiting the many villages perched on the heights backwaters, rich in history, charm and...of local products often celebrated in some country fair!