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Tuscany: Classic Wine Tasting
32 USD
After a cinematic journey through a cypress avenue, a trained team will serve you 6 wines at your table. After an introduction to each wine, you can taste the wines in detail by yourself.
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Practical info
Discover our wine variety at a seated tasting in our tasting space or on the terrace. Our trained team will serve you in total 6 different wines in 3 flights. After a short introduction to the wines of each flight, you will have the opportunity to taste the wines on your own. This wine experience is ideal for those who want to focus on the wine and tasting, already know our winery, or do not have that much time for an extensive winery tour. For this wine experience, you can choose between 4 different tasting options: Dynamic Brunello Cru Tasting: This tasting concentrates on our Brunelli and its different single vineyards. • 6 Brunelli: 1 vintage Brunello, 3 Brunello Cru & 2 Brunello Cru Riserva • Signature Corte Pavone Tasting: Get the perfect overview of the Corte Pavone range and learn how we produce so many different wines from one grape variety, Sangiovese. • Le Perle di Pavone Spumante, Rosso di Montalcino, Levante, Brunello di Montalcino, Brunello Cru, Brunello Cru Riserva • Maremma & Montalcino Tasting: If you want to discover how different two wine regions with only 70 kilometers of distance can taste, this is the tasting for you. Here you can taste wines from our winery Valdifalco from Maremma and from Corte Pavone from Montalcino. • 6 selected wines to show the terroir and the differences between our wineries • Signature Valdifalco Tasting: With this tasting, you can fully experience the Maremma region and our there located winery Valdifalco • 6 wines that perfectly reflect the terroir and uniqueness of the Maremma region •