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Siena: Duomo di Siena Private Guided Tour
149 USD
Uncover the rich history and stunning artistry of Siena's iconic Duomo Cathedral on a 2-hour private tour. As a UNESCO World Heritage Site, this magnificent edifice is a must-see attraction, boasting an impressive collection of masterpieces that will leave you in awe.
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Immerse yourself in Siena's rich history with a private 2-hour tour of the captivating Duomo Cathedral, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Your knowledgeable local guide will regale you with fascinating stories about the historical and artistic events that shaped this stunning architectural masterpiece. Upon arrival, skip the long ticket office lines and dive straight into the heart of the Duomo, where you'll uncover the intricate details of this iconic landmark. Take in the breathtaking facade, adorned with statues of philosophers, prophets, and sibyls that seem to converse with each other. As you step inside, your guide will lead you through an array of breathtaking attractions, including the 17th-century Cappella del Voto, designed by the renowned Bernini. Marvel at the soaring high altar, the exquisite inlaid marble mosaic floor, and the elegant pulpit crafted by Nicola Pisano. You'll also visit the stunning Chapel of St John the Baptist, featuring a magnificent 15th-century statue of the saint by Donatello. Additionally, explore the magnificent Piccolomini's Library and marvel at some of Michelangelo's remarkable works.