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Chianti: Pizza and Tiramisù Class With Meal
173 USD
Learn the secrets behind preparing pizza and tiramisù the authentic Italian way during this cooking class. Make the dishes while learning from an expert chef, then enjoy them for yourself.
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Practical info
Sichef: Pizza, Tiramisù & Chianti DURATION: 3 ORE Travelers with a passion for Italian food delve into Florence's culinary scene during this Pizza and Tiramisu experience. PROGRAM: Reception with welcome drink and snacks of local products with a breathtaking view of the Chianti hills with an enchanting glimpse of Barberino Val D'Elsa ; Meeting with our chef who will guide you, step by step, in the preparation of Pizza and Tiramisu. After learning the history of pizza and Tiramisu, you will recreate the iconic Italian dishes yourself. Once the pizza dough has been prepared, you will add your favorite toppings to choose from among the fresh and seasonal products selected by us. Then we will move on, during the cooking of our pizzas, to the preparation of Tiramisu. And now everyone at the table! Of course, after you are done cooking, you can sit back and relax as we serve your culinary creations with wine pairings from the local vineyards. Escape the city in a relaxing villa in the middle of the Chianti hills where you can master the basics of Italian pizza and tiramisu thanks to our fantastic chef! With our Pizza & Tiramisu course, you will learn how to make two of the most iconic creations in Italy! The perfect activity for families and friends: you'll discover the techniques for kneading pizza and then take part in the important decision of the toppings. Then you will discover how to compose a few simple ingredients (eggs, sugar, mascarpone, bitter cocoa, coffee, and Pavesini) to create a delicious and unique dessert for its flavor. Finally, you can finally savor your pizza, accompanied by beer or wine, and last but not least, your delicious Tiramisu prepared with the authentic recipe! Recipes will be provided to you after class, making sure you can recreate these two simple delights in your home as well. Your dietary needs are not a problem for us: our courses are also vegetarian, vegan, gluten and/or lactose-free on request, and always with local, fresh and seasonal ingredients. The perfect day of play, cooking, and laughter in the evocative setting of a beautiful villa in the Tuscan hills. What more could you ask for?