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Savona: Pelagos Sanctuary Wildlife Cruise with Guide
65 USD
Discover Liguria's diverse marine fauna on a wildlife cruise from Savona. Explore the marine-protected area Pelagos Sanctuary in search of cetaceans and other marine life with a naturalist guide onboard.
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Practical info
On this guided search for cetaceans cruise, we will enter the Pelagos Sanctuary to discover the species that inhabit it. It is important to know that the search for cetaceans in the waters of the Sanctuary requires patient monitoring and observation of the surface. Remebering that WILD animals are sought and there are neither times nor established points to meet them. This excursion takes place in the open sea, very far from the coast, it is important if it is your first experience or you are subject to seasickness that you take the right precautions. During the approximately 4-hour excursion, accompanied by a naturalist guide, we will go in search of the common dolphin, the bottlenose dolphin, the striped dolphin, the fin whale, the sperm whale, the pilot whale, the Risso's dolphin, the beaked whale. This sanctuary, which extends from the French coast to the north of Sardinia up to Tuscany, is a marine protected area in the Mediterranean where there is a massive concentration of cetaceans, thanks above all to the abundance of food. Inside the ship, there is a bar where you can buy food and drinks typical of Ligurian cuisine.