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Rome: Street Food Tour Small Group with Local Guide
47 USD
Embark on a culinary adventure through Rome's hidden gems on an intimate, guided street food excursion. Savor the flavors of the Eternal City as you wander through the historic Jewish Quarter or charm-filled Trastevere neighborhood. Treat your taste buds to an unforgettable journey, indulging in Rome's most beloved treats, from crispy supplì to authentic Neapolitan-style pizza and creamy gelato.
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Indulge in Rome's iconic street food scene on a guided walking tour of the charming Jewish Quarter or bohemian Trastevere neighborhood. Dive into the local food culture with five delectable tastings and discover hidden gems, such as authentic pizza, crispy supplì, and artisanal ice cream. Select from two unique options: the Trastevere tour or the Jewish Quarter tour, each limited to a small group of 14 participants, ensuring a personalized experience. Explore the Eternal City's rich history through its mouth-watering street food. On the Trastevere tour, meet your guide on picturesque Tiber Island, where you'll absorb the tranquil atmosphere before entering the charming neighborhood. Wander through vibrant piazzas, such as Piazza Santa Maria, and indulge in popular street food, like creamy supplì and decadent Sicilian cannoli. On the Jewish Quarter tour, start at the lively Campo De' Fiori, where a bustling open-air market takes place every morning. Follow your guide through the historic Jewish Quarter, discovering landmarks like the majestic Portico of Octavia and the beautiful Turtle Fountain. Throughout both tours, savor five tastings, accompanied by a selection of wine and beer. Both tours conclude with a sweet treat: the quintessential Italian gelato.