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Rome: Colosseum Arena Floor, Roman Forum & Palatine Tour
107 USD
Unleash the thrill of Rome's iconic landmarks with a unique twist! Dive into the Colosseum's ancient history by entering through the legendary Gladiators' Entrance, while skipping the hassle of long lines with your priority tickets. Another exclusive perk awaits - step onto the Arena Floor, an experience reserved for a select few. Completing this epic adventure, explore the remnants of ancient Rome at the Roman Forum and Palatine Hill.
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Beat the crowds and savor the splendor of Rome's iconic Colosseum with exclusive access to the restricted Arena Floor, off-limits to the general public. With priority entry through the back door, you'll be immersed in the ancient amphitheater's majestic beauty, surrounded by history and breathtaking views – the perfect setting for an unforgettable photo opportunity. Next, ascend to the first and second levels, where Rome's elite would gather to witness gladiatorial battles and other spectacular events. You'll discover that the VIP seats of ancient Rome were strategically positioned in the same prime locations as modern stadiums, offering the best views of the action. After exploring the Colosseum, your knowledgeable guide will lead you through the heart of ancient Rome, the Roman Forum. Once a bustling hub of politics, commerce, and worship, this historic site is home to ancient senate buildings, temples, and triumphal arches. Listen intently as your guide regales you with stories of ancient Roman life, myths, and legends. Finally, venture to the exclusive neighborhood of Palatine Hill, the "Beverly Hills" of ancient Rome. As you climb the hill, take in the panoramic views of the sprawling Circus Maximus and delve into the luxurious lives of Rome's ancient aristocracy. By the end of this captivating tour, your camera will be filled with incredible memories, and your mind will be overflowing with fascinating insights into life in ancient Rome.