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Rome: Colosseum and Roman Forum Ticket with Multimedia Video
38 USD
Uncover the ancient secrets of Rome with admission to three of its most legendary landmarks: the Roman Forum, Palatine Hill, and the iconic Colosseum. Start your journey through time by picking up your ticket, accompanied by a captivating multimedia presentation that sets the stage for your exploration of the Eternal City's rich history.
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Your Roman adventure begins at the Touristation office, located in the heart of the city at Piazza D'Ara Coeli 16, where you'll arrive at the appointed time. Get ready to uncover the treasures of the Eternal City on an enriching journey through Rome's most iconic landmarks. Start your experience at the office, where a multimedia presentation will set the stage for your exploration of ancient Rome. With your ticket in hand, embark on a self-guided tour of the breathtaking Archaeological Park, featuring the Roman Forum, Palatine Hill, and the majestic Colosseum. Wander through the Roman Forum, once the epicenter of daily Roman life, and pay your respects at the tomb of Julius Caesar. Take your time to absorb the ancient ruins at your own pace, relishing the atmospheric surroundings. Next, ascend the Palatine Hill, the birthplace of Rome and the former residence of emperors and kings. Nestled near the Roman Forum and Circus Maximum, this historic site offers breathtaking vistas. Finally, enter the Colosseum, one of the world's most celebrated monuments, approximately 2 hours after the initial meeting time. Be awestruck by the sheer scale of this ancient amphitheater, the largest constructed by the Roman Empire.