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Rome: Castel Sant’Angelo Skip-the-Line Ticket & Audio Guide
33 USD
Step into the rich history of Rome with a hassle-free visit to the iconic Castel Sant'Angelo. Skip the lines and make the most of your time with priority entry tickets. To delve deeper into the castle's fascinating past, opt for an engaging audio guide that will transport you back in time. As you wander through the ancient halls, imagine the legends and secrets that have shaped this legendary landmark. Get ready to uncover the mysteries of one of Rome's most celebrated attractions.
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Unlock the secrets of Rome's rich history with priority access to the Mausoleum of Hadrian, famously known as Castel Sant'Angelo. This ancient fortress, situated on the Tiber River's right bank, has witnessed centuries of drama and intrigue. Take a stroll along the Vatican City's borders and delve into the legendary tale of Archangel Michael, who supposedly Appeared atop the mausoleum, putting an end to the devastating plague of 590. This miraculous event led to the castle's present-day name. As you explore this iconic landmark, you'll discover the remnants of a ancient fortress, originally built as the tomb of Roman Emperor Hadrian. Immerse yourself in the storied past of this 2,000-year-old structure, which has been repurposed over the centuries. Complete your experience with a breathtaking panorama of Rome and the Tiber River from the castle's picturesque terrace. Be sure to capture the stunning views of the Ponte Sant'Angelo bridge, aptly named the Bridge of Angels.