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Rimini: Piadina Experience Museum Entry Ticket
12 USD
Book tickets to the Piadina Experience Museum in Rimini to discover the gastronomic symbol of the Romagna region. Walking through the Panoramic Tunnel to witness the evolution and production of it.
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Practical info
The tour will be a real journey into the world of Piadina, from the Neolithic to the present day. A captivating, technological, interactive and original journey! We will discover the origins of Piadina, we will tell the story of its extraordinary success. We will remember the domestic dimension of Piadina and the peasant traditions, We will relive the evolution of Piadina, symbol of Romagna, loved all over the world! A tribute to the "national bread of the Romagnoli" as Giovanni Pascoli wrote ... An act of love towards every recipe, from every grandmother, from every village in Romagna… We will get excited by reviewing the great successes of the Champions in the "Piadina and Motors" section: a special corner in which we will celebrate the two-wheeled champions and the great passion of the people of Romagna for speed, adrenaline, the desire for infinity... The surprise tasting of our Piadina will come to tease you during the Piadina Experience journey! We will dream in the Sala della Magia, like in a film by Maestro Fellini... where the wheat and the other elements will dance together to tell us about the alchemy that is renewed every time a Piadina is born, like real magic! Walking on the Panoramic Tunnel we will witness the production process. It will be interesting to follow the stages of production: from the dough, to resting in the Spa delle Piadine, to cooking at different temperatures... discovering the secrets of technology at the service of tradition and quality. On date 1st May the tour starts ad 10:30