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Riccione: Oltremare Park Entrance Ticket
28 USD
Explore Oltremare, the sprawling 110,000 square meter nature park divided into 4 spaces, each representing a different element: Earth, Air, Fire, and Water. Watch the park’s famous dolphins preform to the rhythm of music. Explore the Adriatic’s landscape.
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Practical info
Enjoy access to the Oltremare Park, a sprawling nature park dedicated to the landscape of the Adriatic and beyond across eons. Divided into 4 elements, enjoy 4 themed areas that reflect the stunning biodiversity of the region. In the Air area, gaze at majestic eagles, vultures, hawks, owls, and many other species of birds of prey in elaborately designed aviaries. In the Water area, catch Dolphin Lagoon, the largest dolphin enclosure in Europe, where you can watch stunning choreographed shows performed by the dolphins. Check out the Earth area’s “Darwin, the Rainforest,” a journey 65 million years into the past to discover the landscape of the cretaceous period, and the Fire area’s “Planet Earth,” a multi-sensory journey through the formation of our planet. If you’re traveling with children, don’t miss out on the Energy area, an exciting playground made of suspension bridges, high altitude paths, and a river by which to travel by boat.