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Aquarium of Cattolica Entry Ticket
23 USD
Embark on a journey into the underwater world in the Aquarium of Cattolica. Discover the mysteries of the unfathomable Deep Sea in over 100 tanks. Enjoy a fun-filled day for the whole family.
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Boasting over 100 display tanks swimming with sharks, penguins, turtles, jellyfish and many more underwater critters, gear up for a fun-filled day of discovering the exciting world under the sea. Learn the history of the planet and its biological evolution, reminding you, through some tanks, of the species that have survived millions of years, like the great sharks — now considered living fossils.   Begin in the Mediterranean Sea, pass through the Atlantic, Pacific, and Indian Oceans, to reach the splendid coral reef of the Red Sea, populated by colorful organisms. Here, all the aquarium tanks must be observed with great attention, especially the smaller ones, which meticulously recreate different environments, rich in life and in mystery.  The aquarium then becomes not only a fascinating place where beauty shows itself most purely, but an environment of observation and education that allows you to connect with the underwater world. The second largest aquarium in Italy, Aquarium of Cattolica, is a must-visit on your trip to the Adriatic Coast. New Experience: A face-to-face encounter with the mighty reptiles of prehistory awaits you at Cattolica Aquarium. Set off for a journey back in time to 65 million years ago.From the mists of time, in a lost and forgotten valley, dinosaurs are back to roam the Earth! Allosaurus, Titanosaurus, Dracorex and many other species that lived on the planet over 65 million years ago, are among us again. Travel back in time to the dawn of prehistory, face the dangers of the Jurassic age, venture across a primitive plain, and... watch out for the T-Rex! At the end of the trail, a large excavation area awaits you.