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Palermo: Valley of the Temples and Scala dei Turchi Day Trip
86 USD
Escape to the Valley of the Temples Park on a thrilling day excursion from Palermo. Take your time to wander through the park's ancient ruins and hidden gems, and be sure to capture the breathtaking views of the Scala dei Turchi cliff, a stunning natural wonder.
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Embark on a fascinating day trip from Palermo to explore the breathtaking Valley of the Temples Park and the iconic Scala dei Turchi. Wander through the park's stunning landscapes and marvel at the impressive examples of ancient Greek architecture, including the remarkably well-preserved Temple of Concordia, a true marvel of its kind. Your adventure begins with a convenient morning pickup from your Palermo hotel, followed by a scenic drive to Agrigento. Along the way, take in the majestic views of medieval castles and enjoy a stop to refuel with coffee and indulge in traditional Sicilian cannoli or grab lunch to enjoy within the park. Upon arriving at the Valley of the Temples, you'll have approximately two hours to explore the ancient ruins at your leisure. Be mesmerized by the beautifully preserved temples, including the captivating Temple of Concordia and the Temple of Hera Lacinia. Next, take a break for a photo opportunity at the dramatic Scala dei Turchi, a striking white marl cliff face that dramatically contrasts with the turquoise ocean waters below. As you make your way back to Palermo, unwind and take in the captivating views of Sicily's southern coast. Finally, we'll drop you back off at your hotel, bringing an end to an unforgettable day.