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Palermo: Agrigento and the Valley of the Temples Day Tour
76 USD
Unravel the secrets of Agrigento's breathtaking Valley of the Temples, a treasure trove of ancient history. Wander through the majestic temples, erected by Greek colonizers to pay homage to their gods. Following in the footsteps of ancient civilizations, this unforgettable journey will leave you in awe. Cap off your adventure with a visit to the picturesque Scala dei Turchi Beach in Empedocle, where the turquoise waters and golden sands will leave you enchanted.
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Escape to the countryside on a scenic drive from Palermo to Agrigento on this unforgettable full-day adventure! Discover the ancient temples and ruins that whisper secrets of the past, and unravel the rich history of the region. En route to Agrigento, take a brief break to indulge in a cup of coffee and recharge for the exciting journey ahead. The Valley of the Temples beckons, where you'll delve into the mysteries of the Hera, Concordia, and Apollo temples, accompanied by a comprehensive guidebook that reveals the secrets of these ancient wonders. Take a stroll through the charming Hardcastle villa, a tranquil oasis in the heart of the valley. Savor the freedom to choose your ideal lunch spot, where you can indulge in local flavors and soak up the atmosphere. Next, your driver will transport you to the breathtaking Scala Dei Turchi Beach, where the turquoise waters and golden sands await. Take a moment to capture the beauty of this picturesque spot, and then sit back and enjoy the scenic ride back to Palermo.