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Balestrate: Olive Grove Tour with Wines & Olive Oil Tasting
58 USD
Embark on a journey through the picturesque Sicilian landscape on a guided excursion that will awaken your senses. Wander through a lush olive grove, where the rustic charm of the countryside comes alive. Treat your taste buds to an unforgettable adventure as you indulge in a professionally led wine and olive oil tasting experience, featuring the authentic essence of Sicily.
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Embark on a sensory adventure through the picturesque Sicilian countryside, where the rustic charm of timeless traditions awaits. Join Francesco, a skilled winemaker and artisanal olive oil producer, on an immersive stroll through the lush olive grove in Balestrate. As you wander through the grove, Francesco will reveal the secrets of crafting exceptional extra virgin olive oil, sharing his expertise and passion for this revered Sicilian staple. The tour culminates in a delightful tasting experience, featuring a selection of Francesco's fine wines and award-winning olive oils, perfectly paired with an array of traditional Sicilian delicacies. Step into a cozy, authentic Sicilian home, where Francesco's grandparents will regale you with tales of this captivating region, as you savor the rich flavors and warm hospitality of this unforgettable experience.