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Venice: Murano and Burano Boat Trip with Glass Blowing Show
19 USD
Uncover the hidden gems of Venice with a leisurely afternoon cruise that takes you to two of its most captivating islands. First, visit Murano, where you'll be mesmerized by a live glass-blowing demonstration, showcasing the island's renowned artisanal expertise. Next, escape to Burano, a picturesque haven of colorful houses and quaint streets, where you can wander at your own pace and soak up the island's infectious charm.
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Embark on a captivating boat tour of the Venetian lagoon's enchanting islands, departing from the heart of Venice. Explore the charming islands of Murano and Burano with the aid of a convenient audio guide, soaking up the local ambiance and marveling at a breathtaking glass-blowing demonstration. Board your boat from either St. Mark's Square or Venezia Santa Lucia railway station and set off towards Murano, an island renowned for its centuries-old glassmaking traditions and skilled artisans. Witness a master glassmaker at work, crafting intricate pieces within a genuine furnace. Spend an hour on Murano, utilizing your downloadable audio guide to uncover the island's hidden gems, including the iconic lighthouse, Palazzo da Mula, and the magnificent churches of San Pietro Martire and Santa Maria e San Donato. Be sure to visit the Glass Museum to gain insight into the island's glassmaking heritage. Next, venture to Burano, a quaint fishing village celebrated worldwide for its vibrant houses, exquisite lace production, and delectable pastries. Enjoy an hour of leisure time to wander through the island's kaleidoscopic streets, following your audio guide to notable landmarks such as the House of Bepi Suà and the charming, tilting bell tower. As the day draws to a close, board the boat once more to return to Venice, arriving at 6:15 PM.