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Padua: Self-Guided Walking Tour of the Historical Center
10 USD
Uncover the artistic and scientific heritage of Italy with a self-guided audio adventure through Padua, perfectly paced to your stride. Download a handy smartphone app and let GPS navigation guide you seamlessly through the charming streets of the Jewish Quarter, bringing the city's rich history to life with every step.
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Tucked away between Venice and Verona lies the charming city of Padua, fondly known as the city of St Anthony. On this captivating walking tour, I invite you to discover how Padua has masterfully preserved its rich artistic and cultural heritage, earning its reputation as a beacon of hospitality. Dating back to 1222, Padua's esteemed university has always welcomed students from all walks of life, regardless of their religious beliefs. This open-minded attitude attracted some of the greatest minds in history, including the esteemed artists Donatello and Giotto, as well as groundbreaking scientists like Galileo Galilei. The city also provided a safe haven for Jewish refugees fleeing persecution in Spain, Portugal, and northern Europe, giving rise to one of Italy's most fascinating ghettos, still intact today. As we stroll through Padua's historic streets, be sure to marvel at the following highlights: • The majestic Prato della Valle, Italy's largest square • St Anthony Square, featuring Donatello's iconic statue of Gattamelata • The ancient Tomb of Antenor • The impressive Palazzo della Ragione, adorned with vibrant frescoes depicting the celestial cycle • Bustling local markets • The infamous Arch of the Rope, where dishonest traders faced punishment • The stunning Torre dell'Orologio, one of the world's most beautiful clock towers • The historic Jewish ghetto, with its quaint squares, narrow alleys, and three synagogues • The poignant stumbling stones that pay tribute to the Jewish community • The majestic Bo Palace, home to the University of Padua, Italy's second oldest, where Galileo's original desk is proudly displayed Join me on this unforgettable journey as we follow in the footsteps of Padua's visionary artists and thinkers, and let the city's timeless charm leave you inspired and enchanted.