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Padua Self-Guided Highlights Scavenger Hunt & Tour
Embark on an interactive adventure through the charming streets of Padua, where discovery and fun await! This innovative walking tour combines the thrill of a scavenger hunt with the excitement of exploring the city's iconic landmarks. Accessible entirely on your mobile device, you'll uncover the city's secrets by solving clever riddles and brain teasers, all while getting an intimate look at Padua's most treasured sights.
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Explore Padua at your leisure with an immersive smartphone-based adventure that combines puzzle-solving with sightseeing. As you wander through the city, uncover fascinating facts and legends about the top attractions, making it an ideal activity for solo travelers, couples, families, and friends. Upon downloading the interactive walking tour, use the mobile app's built-in maps to navigate to 10 iconic landmarks on foot. At each stop, decipher a location-specific riddle that can only be solved by reaching the exact spot. Tap into your problem-solving skills, creativity, and observation to crack the code and reveal the next destination. Begin the adventure whenever you like, and enjoy the flexibility to pause the game at any time to snap photos, grab a bite, or visit a museum. You can resume the tour later or save the rest for another day. Your journey through historic Padua begins at the breathtaking Scrovegni Chapel, followed by the charming Piazza Garibaldi and the picturesque Piazza dei Signori. The tour continues to the majestic Padua Cathedral, the stunning Ragione Palace, and the vibrant Piazza della Frutta. You'll also explore the prestigious University of Padua and the fascinating MUSME. The penultimate stop is the majestic Basilica of St. Anthony, with the scenic Prato della Valle as the grand finale. Download the 'World City Trail' app and embark on an unforgettable adventure through Padua!