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Nadia Danesin

Nadia Danesin

I am a tour leader. I visited many countries… not to find myself, tot o learn how to live. And from you, and all of those I met during my journeys I learned something.This is the reason why I love my job. For me it represents an opportunity to meet men and women from different places and with different cultures. Furthermore, I get to meet them during in one of life’s most beautiful and pleasurable moments… Holidays!I would like to be your friend in Venice and to offer you the opportunity to see Venice through the eyes of a Venetian. Though it is always a bit sad having to say goodbye, I strive to create relationships that last through time and whenever I have achieved my mission of ensuring you had the most pleasurable, fun and interesting time in my city and that you learned to see it not as a tourist, but as venetians.My activity started by chance. I kept on seeing tourists always doing the same things: the same tour of the city, going to the same shops, museums and restaurants. I kept thinking to myself that there was so much they were missing by never choosing the path less taken. Many times I stopped to give someone directions and to suggest the way to see “hidden” marvels. Though some decided to stay on their path, others followed me and gazed with wonder at the many discoveries they were making. It was they who first pushed me to pursue the idea I could help others to discover and live Venice as locals. And so it all began.I am waiting from you!