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Quarries of Carrara
Quarries of Carrara
1 day trip from Modena
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The best marble in the world

In Apuan area between the Mount Uccelliera, Mount Borla , the Sagro, the S Cima di Gioia and Mount Brugiana, there is a landscape that appears snowy, completely transformed by man in the valleys and slopes. 
Visiting the marble quarries of Carrara is a unique experience. It means immersing yourself in a place where is made a work especially hard and complex, but at the same time find themselves in an extraordinary landscape, overlooking the sea, but closer to the sky. In fact the quarry enters the heart of the mountain and sometimes even defacing it, but unlike the mine, the veins of marble seem to dominate directly the surrounding space by changing the air and the light. 
In the valleys of Torano, Fantiscritti and Colonnata has been developing the excavation of the different varieties of marble that since over two thousand years is exported to the world. From the most famous white statuary to that purple, veined, to the bardiglio one and calacata. Active quarries in the Carrara area are more than a hundred. 
Going to the discovery of the marble economy means getting in touch with a story that over the centuries has developed a real induced, in a marriage not always easy between man and nature, landscape and industry. In addition to the caves there are in fact the sawmills, the workshops of the artists who transform the blocks into works of art and those of the artisans who create items and daily furniture. Propulsive center and anarchist cradle is the city of Carrara, the ideal place where to stay and have a base for the various proposed routes in the area. Do not miss the taste of most typical food products, the “lardo” of Colonnata, historic food of the quarrymen.
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