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Pisa: City Escape "Kinzica's night"
36 USD
Discover the hidden gems of Pisa with an interactive mobile-based treasure hunt app. Explore on foot and help Kinzica of Sismondi save her beloved city.
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Practical info
Explore the city of Pisa while playing this self-guided scavenger hunt game. Take part in a unique mission and discover the city in a fun and interactive way together with family, friends, or loved ones. It's late at night and Pisa is under attack. The city's enemies are at the gates and the young Kinzica suddenly wakes up and sees the flames in the distance. Will she be able to warn the consuls and save her homeland? During the mission, you'll need to solve challenges and riddles to help Kinzica save the city. Discover hidden gems along the way and learn all about local history.