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Pisa Airport: Transfer to/from Pisa Central Railway Station
Book a high-speed tram service for direct connections between the Pisa Centrale railway station and the Pisa airport. Travel conveniently in an air-conditioned vehicle while admiring the scenery.
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Practical info
Pisa Mover services run from 6:00 AM to 00:00 AM., 7 days a week. Practical, technological, and innovative, Pisamover is a totally automated model of urban mobility, electrically powered to reduce to the minimum the energy and environmental impact. It is cable driven, has no onboard driver, and is controlled by a central control room. Avoid the hassle of navigating the public transportation system before or after a long journey, instead, relax and enjoy the views of Pisa from the comfort of your seat. Pisamover is equipped with devices designed to guarantee maximum safety, and the trains are equipped with LED screens that provide service information and the timetables of trains and planes. Pisamover guarantees the respect of sound emissions, night and day, according to the law limits set by Pisa’s civic noise classification.