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Portovenere: Lerici Boat Tour with Aperitif on board
108 USD
Embark on a serene boat excursion across the majestic Gulf dei Poeti, where the stunning villages of Santerenzo and Lerici will unfold before your eyes. As the day unwinds, treat yourself to a refreshing aperitif beneath the imposing castle of Lerici, basking in the tranquil atmosphere.
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Embark on a serene journey across the stunning Gulf dei Poeti, arriving at the picturesque villages of Santerenzo and Lerici from Portovenere, all while cruising on a beautiful boat. Along the way, take in the breathtaking sights, including a mussel farm, the mesmerizing Blue Bay, and the charming village of Santerenzo. The medieval castle in Lerici is a highlight not to be missed. We'll also make a refreshing swim stop at La Caletta. To top it off, indulge in a traditional Ligurian aperitif in the shadow of Lerici's castle, widely regarded as one of Liguria's most scenic spots. This unforgettable tour promises a truly enchanting experience amidst the Ligurian Sea's beauty.