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Lucca Sightseeing Tour by E-bike or City bike
97 USD
Embark on a leisurely bike adventure to uncover the charm of Lucca's historic heart. Perched comfortably on two wheels, you'll pedal your way to the town's prominent landmarks and hidden gems, relishing the thrill of riding atop the ancient city walls.
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Practical info
Embark on an unforgettable adventure and discover the hidden gems of Lucca's historic center and its impressive 4.2 km city walls in a single, action-packed tour. Choose from a morning city bike ride or an afternoon ebike excursion, whichever suits your style. Pedal through the charming streets of Lucca with a knowledgeable guide, the perfect way to experience the city's authentic charm. The ancient city walls, a car-free haven, offer a unique trail that allows you to soak up the local atmosphere. As you ride along the wall, you'll catch glimpses of the city's most iconic landmarks. Your local guide will regale you with tales of Piazza San Michele, the ancient Roman forum, Piazza Anfiteatro, and the majestic Torre Guinigi – unmissable symbols of this enchanting town. The elliptical Piazza Anfiteatro, built upon ancient Roman ruins, now buzzes with activity from trendy shops, bars, and restaurants. The iconic Torre Guinigi, adorned with five ancient holm oak trees, offers breathtaking panoramic views of the city. But the adventure doesn't end there! You'll meander through the charming streets lined with antique shops, Via del Battistero, before arriving at the magnificent Cattedrale San Martino, Piazza Napoleone, and Piazza del Giglio. Get ready to fall in love with the charms of Lucca!