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Lucca: Self-Guided Tour by Bike
17 USD
Pedal your way through Lucca's charming streets and discover its hidden gems at your leisure. With the flexibility of a self-guided bike tour, you're free to create your own itinerary and visit iconic landmarks on your own schedule.
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Practical info
Ditch the rigid schedules of traditional guided tours and forge your own path through Lucca's historic heart on two wheels.Renting a bike for the day grants you the freedom to create your own adventure, minus the hassle of planning. At your leisure, pedal along the ancient city walls, taking in iconic landmarks like the stunning Basilica of San Frediano. Next, roll into Piazza dell'Anfiteatro to marvel at the beautiful Basilica of San Michele in Foro. Cruise to Piazza Napoleone and Piazza del Giglio, where the historic Teatro del Giglio steals the show. Finally, conclude your ride at the majestic Duomo di San Martino, a fitting finale to your self-guided adventure.