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Lucca: E-bike rental
42 USD
Discover the charming town of Lucca and its ancient walls at your own leisure, effortlessly gliding on an eco-friendly e-bike. Alternatively, opt for an e-trekking bike and venture beyond the city limits, exploring the picturesque countryside and quaint villages that surround it.
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Practical info
Embark on a leisurely exploration of Lucca at your own pace with our convenient e-bikes. Opt for an E-city bike to delve into the charms of Lucca's historic center, cycling effortlessly to the city walls and uncovering the town's hidden gems. Enjoy the freedom to stop and indulge in the local cuisine or visit iconic landmarks, knowing your bike is securely locked outside. Alternatively, if you're an avid cyclist, choose an E-trekking bike and venture into the picturesque countryside surrounding Lucca. Discover quaint villages perched on hills, ancient villas, and lush vineyards as you ride through the rolling landscape. For added peace of mind, we'll provide a repair kit and helmets to ensure a safe and enjoyable journey.