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Flavors of Lucca Food Tour with Local Guide
76 USD
Embark on a captivating morning stroll through the charming streets of Lucca, uncovering the rich tapestry of its past, artistic heritage, and architectural marvels. As you wander, indulge in the flavors of the local culture with a sampling of delectable specialties, rich coffee, and savory cured meats that will leave your senses delighted.
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Embark on an unforgettable adventure through the charming city of Lucca, indulging in a sensory experience that combines rich history, stunning architecture, and mouth-watering local flavors. As you wander through the city's picturesque streets, discover hidden gems, and sample the authentic tastes of Tuscany. Your journey begins at the bustling Lucca train station, where you'll set off on a fascinating exploration of this medieval town. Wander through the ancient city walls, arriving at the majestic Cathedral Square, where the beauty of Lucca will unfold before your eyes. To truly absorb the essence of this captivating city, you need to indulge your taste buds. Start your day like the locals do, with a rich espresso, paired with a traditional sweet treat, like a delicate rice cake or a refreshing gelato. As you stroll along the charming shopping street, marvel at the medieval and Renaissance architecture, and discover the remnants of Lucca's ancient artisan traditions, including quaint shops once owned by shoemakers, knife grinders, and silk merchants. Next, delve into the world of local gastronomy, exploring the city's culinary secrets and sampling authentic recipes. Take in breathtaking views of the city as you meander through medieval alleys, and find yourself transported back in time as you explore the historic Piazza della Anfiteatro. Savor the flavors of Lucca with a delicious lunch featuring regional specialties, such as Bazzone cured ham, finocchiona salami, and Pecorino cheese from the Garfagnana mountains. Pair your meal with a glass of fine local wine or beer, and toast to an unforgettable experience in this Tuscan gem.