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Melendugno: Dimora San Francesco
22 USD
Experience and enjoy the timeless atmophere of "Dimora San Francesco", an ancient place with an underground oil mill that dates back to the 17th century.
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***Experience the Timeless of San Francesco Dimora and its oil mill"** Dimora San Francesco is a stunning residence with its 17th century oil mill. In Salento dialect these buildings are known as "Trappiti" where the oil from freshly harvested oilves was extracted. Set against lush landscapes, this historic treasure stands not just as a testament to architectural grandeur, but as a gateway to a past rich in culture and tradition. Yet, the allure of "Dimora San Francesco" isn’t confined to its oil mill. Located in a region renowned for its bounteous offerings, guests are invited into the embrace of an authentic gastronomic journey. Whether you're a lover of history, of fine wines, or simply a seeker of typical experiences, "Dimora San Francesco" promises moments that will forever enhance your memory. Simply join us!