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Lecce: Jewish History Walking Tour
27 USD
Take a guided walking tour through Lecce to learn about its Jewish past. Wander through the various charismatic streets, before finishing in the underground Jewish Museum.
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Baroque Lecce is extremely well known, but the 17th century is just a recent part of a long history for this city. Lecce has been influenced by many ancient and important cultures, including Messapians, Greeks, Byzantines, Normans, French Angevins, and Spanish Aragonese. Begin your journey through the streets and alleys of medieval Lecce, focusing on its Jewish community. Visit Via della Sinagoga, the old path which used to lead to one of the most beautiful synagogues in South Italy. Following that, discover Vico della Saponea alley and walk through Via Abramo Balmes, a street dedicated to one the most important Jewish figures in Lecce. Take a trip back in time by visiting the evocative underground area of the Jewish Museum. The area is situated on the remains of the Synagougue, and includes a mikveh and mezuzah. Learn more about the Jewish community, including why the Jews were forced to leave Lecce.