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Genoa: Historic Guided Tour of Christopher Columbus' House
11 USD
Delve into the fascinating life of Christopher Columbus at his former residence in Genoa, where a knowledgeable guide will walk you through the historic house and share intriguing insights into the Italian explorer's formative years. As you step out of the house, take in the charm of the surrounding Medieval quarter, a scenic backdrop to the legendary navigator's boyhood home.
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Delve into the life of Christopher Columbus, the legendary explorer, with a guided tour of his childhood home, Casa di Colombo. Tucked away just outside the ancient medieval walls, near Porta Soprana, this historic abode is where Columbus spent his formative years. As recorded in archival documents, Domenico Colombo, Christopher's father, moved his family to this residence in 1455, when the future navigator was just four years old. As you wander through the house, you'll notice that the ground floor was once a bustling workshop, separated from the private quarters above by a charming attic with wooden beams.