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Aquarium of Genoa + Panera Ice Cream Taste experience
33 USD
Immerse yourself in the underwater world of Genoa Aquarium, and indulge in a true taste of the city's tradition! This fantastic combo ticket offers the perfect blend of aquatic wonders and local flavors. Take a stroll through the aquarium's fascinating exhibits, featuring a diverse array of marine life from around the globe. Then, treat your taste buds to a quintessential Genovese delicacy, a delicious representation of the city's culinary heritage.
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Dive into the heart of Europe's largest aquatic wonderland, where the wonders of the ocean come alive. Take a mesmerizing journey through the most captivating seas and waters from around the globe, and get ready for an unforgettable adventure. Indulge in the city's signature treat, Panera, a delectable coffee semifreddo that's been a staple in local traditions for generations. This creamy delight is crafted with love by Genoese ice cream artisans, using a secret recipe that's been passed down through the years since 1913. Every bite is a taste of history, a testament to the city's rich heritage.