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Rimini: Aperitivo and Street Food Walking Tour
97 USD
Enjoy a traditional aperitivo across several stops in Rimini Centre and Borgo San Giuliano. Explore the true Rimini following the expertise of a local foodie guide on a tasty walking tour.
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Practical info
Together with a guide, discover the different ways of relishing the Italian aperitivo, all accompanied by high-quality snacks. During the tour, you will taste the local street food paired with wine/cocktail/beer: Cocktails: try excellent cocktails whose main components are the spirits that made Italy's history directly from the hands of trained mixologists. The cocktails will take you on a journey as you discover how the Italian culture in beverages has influenced nearly every region of Italy, including Romagna. Wine: Italy is the homeland of wine, and all-around Rimini several famous vineyards have their premises and production sites. Relish the local wine, the Sangiovese! Beer: how could one have a night out and not drink some beer? Obviously we'll have some together with solo great snacks. Cutting board with cold cuts and other high-quality snacks: at one of the stops, paired with the glass of wine, you'll enjoy some lovely charcuterie in a typical Rimini bar. Piadina - the queen of the Riviera Romagnola, it is called in many ways, Piadina, Cassone or Cascione, how is it called in Rimini? You'll find out once with us! Pizza - How can one participate in a Street Food Tour in Italy and not taste a lovely slice of Italian pizza? Obviously, that is compulsory! At the end of the tour, you can also enjoy a lovely gelato to end the experience!