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Stay Hungry Stay Bologna
96 USD
Cook authentically with this pasta making workshop in a local home in Bologna. Start with an aperitivo, master two kinds of pasta and sauces, try regional wines, and finish with some tasty tiramisu.
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Practical info
FOLLOW and TEXT me on IG @stayhungrystaybologna BEFORE BOOKING class to get a special GIFT from me! A bottle of wine from my private collection for you! Also you can see more pics about class LISTED IN TOP 50 WORLD'S EXPERIENCE IN 2022!! Meal will be served in my cozy living room with a relaxing candle's light athosphere at night and jazz music in backgorund Air conditioning in all apt for complete relax We will start with a Aperitivo with a glass of wine and my HOMEMADE PIZZA very tasty! As main course YOU will learn how to make 2 DIFFERENT KINDS OF PASTA typical of town Tortelloni Tagliatelle WITH TWO SAUCES: Ragu' (Bolognaise sauce) Fresh cherry tomato sauce and basil You will turn a simple egg into a real dish starting from the scratch. YOU will make the dough manually and I teach you all the chef's secrets During meal, I'll offer a relaxing wine tasting, guiding through some of the best italian grapes. You learn about the story behind each bottle and producer and how to match the perfect wine for the right food. A very accurate selection of the BEST grapes of italy you can CHOOSE from: sangiovese, merlot, chianti, pinot grey, chardonnay from organic italian producers UNLIMITED WINE is included, we can open whatever bottles you like :) Vegetarian Menu' 100% possible, all organic veggies DESSERT: Best TIRAMISU of your life I promise! my grandma recipe that we pass on by generations in my family since 80 years..! I got a nice and cute little red cat in the house names Ragu' :)