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Bologna: Olive Grove and Vineyard Tour with Product Tastings
16 USD
Experience the serenity of an agricultural estate in Bologna that focuses on the recovery of historic buildings. Tour the facilities and taste locally produced olive oil and a variety of wines.
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Step into a modern project hinged around the recovery and regeneration of historic buildings, abandoned rural lands, and farmhouses, right in the heart of Varignana (near Bologna). Learn about the estate's olive oil and wine production, and taste a selection of their products, depending on the chosen tour option. Discover a unique site that stretches over 500 hectares of land, with 242 hectares of olive trees and 57 hectares of vineyards. Explore a wide array of products, including 5 types of extra virgin oil, wine, jams, juices, saffron pistils, Goji berries, and salts flavored with medicinal herbs. Taste some of their best products and stroll through the vegetable gardens, a vast orchard, and an original and rare crop of saffron, all in the company of a knowledgeable guide.