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Bologna: Clock Tower Audio Guide and Food Tasting
27 USD
Uncover the treasures of Palazzo D'Accursio's stunning art collections. Embark on a self-guided journey, accompanied by the insights of an audio guide, as you ascend the majestic clock tower. Afterwards, indulge in the local flavors and aromas of the city center, where you can sample authentic products that showcase the region's rich culinary heritage.
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Embark on an unforgettable adventure through the iconic Palazzo d'Accursio, a treasured gem in the heart of Bologna. The Clock Tower, the city's pulsing core, awaits your discovery. With an innovative audio guide, you'll navigate the tower's hidden passages, uncovering fascinating stories and anecdotes on your smartphone as you ascend to the intricate clockwork mechanism. Next, delve into the Municipal Art Collections, a treasure trove of artistic masterpieces that bring Bologna's rich history to life. As you explore, you'll unravel the secrets of this centuries-old building, uncovering surprising anecdotes about its storied past. Finally, indulge in a delectable tasting of local specialties in the city center, the perfect culmination of your immersive Bologna experience.