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Polignano a Mare: Street Food Tour with Tastings and Wine
44 USD
Embark on a culinary journey through Polignano a Mare with a guided street food adventure. Led by a local expert, you'll discover the city's hidden gems through its mouthwatering cuisine. Savor the flavors of traditional delicacies, including the renowned caffè speciale, crispy focaccia, panzerotto filled with love, creamy burrata, and capopollo - all paired with a selection of fine regional wines.
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Curious travelers often ask: where can I indulge in Polignano's culinary delights? Are there hidden gems where I can relive iconic movie moments, like Checco Zalone's mischievous escapade in Cloud Fall or the romantic staircase from Beautiful? Embark on a 2-hour gastronomic adventure through the picturesque alleys of this cinematic town with a knowledgeable guide. Savor the authentic flavors that have captured hearts worldwide: * Delight in the signature "caffè speciale", a unique coffee creation by Mario Campanella that has gained global acclaim; * Taste the traditional Apulian treasure, Focaccia, in its various forms; * Indulge in the classic panzerotto, oozing with mozzarella and rich tomato sauce, or discover its creative variations; * Toast to your day with a glass of local wine, paired with breathtaking sea views; * Treat yourself to the prized Burrata & Capocollo, Puglia's take on mozzarella, accompanied by the esteemed cold cut, Capocollo di Martina Franca, recognized by Slow Food Presidium. What are you waiting for? Pack your camera, wear comfortable shoes, and fuel up with a light breakfast. Book your Polignano street food escapade and embark on a culinary journey through this charming town!