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Polignano a Mare: Guided Walking Tour
218 USD
As you wander through the charming alleys of Polignano a Mare, the rich history of this captivating Pugliese city begins to unfold before your eyes. But it's the stunning vistas from the seaside terraces that will truly leave you awestruck, with breathtaking views that will take your breath away.
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Discover the charm of Polignano a Mare, a stunning coastal town where the turquoise sea harmoniously contrasts with the pristine white houses. This picturesque destination boasts not one, but two claims to fame: it's the birthplace of the legendary Domenico Modugno, the Italian singer behind the iconic hit "Volare", and the stage for the adrenaline-pumping Red Bull cliff diving event, where brave athletes take the leap of faith from the iconic cliffside. Join a local expert on a leisurely stroll through the historic center, where you'll unravel the rich history and daily life of the locals, as well as their cherished traditions. As you wander, marvel at the intricate art adorning the churches and buildings, meander through flower-filled alleys, and uncover the hidden poems etched onto the facades of the buildings.