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Bari: St. Nicholas Basilica and Crypt Guided Tour
27 USD
Discover the St. Nicholas Basilica and explore the crypt on a guided tour. Appreciate the paintings that decorate the ceiling, and visit the crypt that contains the relics of Saint Nicholas.
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Practical info
Visit the St. Nicholas Basilica in Bari, an important pilgrimage destination. Admire the sculptures above the entrance and then step inside to witness the amazing art on the ceiling, which is adorned with paintings. Follow your guide to the underground crypt that houses the relics of Saint Nicholas. Start outside and see the wide limestone facade decorated with many ornamental details, including the sculptures above the Portal of the Lions. Then, go inside the church and observe the granite columns as you walk under the arches which separate the presbytery from the rest of the church. Next, admire the carved and gilded ceiling, decorated with 17th-century paintings. Afterward, descend to the crypt, an underground church that contains the relics of Saint Nicholas, whose remains rest here. This crypt inspired the legend of a Roman soldier who pierced the side of Jesus on the cross.