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Bari: St. Nicholas Basilica and Crypt Guided Tour
27 USD
Uncover the treasures of St. Nicholas Basilica on a fascinating guided tour. Be mesmerized by the vibrant paintings that adorn the ceiling, and delve into the mysterious crypt, which lovingly preserves the relics of the revered Saint Nicholas.
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Discover the spiritual heart of Bari by visiting the magnificent St. Nicholas Basilica, a revered pilgrimage site. As you approach the entrance, be struck by the intricate sculptures that adorn the facade. Step inside and marvel at the stunning artwork that crowns the ceiling, featuring vibrant 17th-century paintings. Follow your knowledgeable guide to the hallowed underground crypt, where the revered relics of Saint Nicholas are enshrined. Begin by admiring the basilica's exterior, where a striking limestone facade showcases an array of ornate details, including the majestic Portal of the Lions. Upon entering the church, take in the grandeur of the granite columns that support the soaring arches, which elegantly separate the presbytery from the rest of the sacred space. Your journey culminates in the crypt, a subterranean chapel where the remains of Saint Nicholas are preserved, inspiring the legend of the soldier who pierced Jesus' side at the Crucifixion.