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Bari: Self-Guided Highlights Scavenger Hunt & Walking Tour
Discover Bari's hidden gems and popular landmarks through an immersive self-guided adventure that combines the thrill of a scavenger hunt with the serenity of a leisurely stroll. As you wander through the city, use your phone as your trusted companion to uncover cryptic clues and riddles, unlocking the secrets of this captivating Italian city.
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Embark on an unforgettable adventure in Bari at your own pace with this thrilling self-guided walking tour. Explore the city's hidden gems, crack intriguing puzzles, and uncover fascinating stories and legends. Perfect for solo travelers, couples, groups, and families, this interactive experience is an ideal way to discover Bari's charm. Once you've downloaded the tour on your mobile device, use the interactive maps to navigate through the city, visiting 10 of Bari's most iconic landmarks on foot. Start whenever you like, and enjoy the freedom to pause the tour at any time to grab a snack, snap a photo, or visit a museum. As you wander through Bari's historic streets, you'll discover the stunning Giardini di Piazza Umberto I, followed by the unique Teatro Petruzzelli and the remarkable Museo Teatro Margherita. Next, you'll arrive at the vibrant Piazza del Ferrarese, followed by the ancient Il Fortino di Sant'Antonio. The intriguing Piazza Mercantile awaits, along with the breathtaking Basilica San Nicola and the majestic Basilica Cattedrale Metropolitana Primaziale San Sabino. The impressive Castello svevo di Bari is next, culminating in the picturesque Large Albicocca Piazza, the perfect grand finale to this unforgettable journey.