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Bari: Segway Tour & Gelato Tasting
38 USD
Discover the historic charm of Bari's old town with a twist - zooming around on a futuristic Segway! For a fun and environmentally friendly hour, join a local expert on an effortless adventure through the city's picturesque streets.
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Practical info
Get ready to glide through Bari's charming old town on a Segway adventure! Start with a brief training session to get comfortable on your Segway, and then set off with your guide on a 1-hour tour of the area. You'll explore the historic heart of Bari, taking in iconic landmarks like the stunning Basilica of Saint Nicholas, the beautiful Cathedral of Saint Sabinus, and the majestic Swabian Castle. As you navigate the narrow streets, you'll experience the authentic, laid-back atmosphere of the old town, where kids play freely and neighbors exchange warm greetings. Next, you'll ride along the picturesque seafront, taking in the vibrant buzz of Bari's lively squares. Be sure to indulge in some of the local delights - a refreshing homemade ice cream or a slice of the famous, mouthwatering focaccia - the perfect treats to savor as you soak up the Italian atmosphere.