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Bari: Pasta Experience Walking Tour
42 USD
Immerse yourself in la dolce vita on a guided stroll through Bari, where the authentic charm of Italy comes alive. As you wander through the city's picturesque streets, you'll discover the local secrets and traditions that make this place so special. And to top it off, get hands-on with a pasta-making experience, indulge in a glass of rich Primitivo wine, and treat your taste buds to a scoop (or two!) of creamy, homemade Italian gelato.
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Embark on a captivating journey through the historic heart of the old town, where centuries of history come alive. Visit the revered Basilica of Saint Nicholas, marvel at the ancient Cathedral of Saint Sabinus, and gaze upon the imposing Swabian Castle, a majestic landmark steeped in tradition. As you wander through the quaint, narrow streets, you'll experience the authentic charm of local life. Witness artisans crafting pasta by hand, children playing in the streets, and the enticing aromas of traditional cooking wafting from every corner. The walking tour culminates at the cozy home of Signora Maria, where you'll uncover the secrets of orecchiette, a beloved local pasta dish. Under her guidance, learn the traditional recipe and craft your own culinary masterpiece. Savor the fruits of your labor, paired with a glass of rich Primitivo red wine, and bask in the warm, convivial atmosphere. As the perfect finale to your enchanting day, indulge in a cool, creamy treat – a delightful local ice cream that's sure to leave you smiling.