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Bari: Italian Street Food Tour with Tastings and Drinks
70 USD
Discover the best of Italian street food on this walking tour of Bari with a local guide. Sample local delicacies such as panzerotti, sgagliozze, and focaccia barese.
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An itinerant meal lasting about 3 hours to discover the various nuances that the street food of the capital of Puglia offers: among them the famous focaccia barese, sgagliozze, panzerotti, the traditional sandwich with octopus and an inevitable ice cream or dessert in one of the most popular places in the city. If you want to discover all the secrets and curiosities about Bari’s gastronomic tradition, join our street food tour and become a real expert of Bari’s cuisine! Tastings on offer: - Focaccia Barese - a mixture of ground semolina, boiled potatoes, salt, yeast and water makes the focaccia soft on the inside and crispy on the outside. Before baking it is covered with tomatoes and olives. Bari focaccia is an institution and can be found in every bakery in the city. We will take you to taste the most famous one in one of the city's historic bakeries. Not to be missed! - Sgagliozze - squares of polenta, fried by housewives all year round. A unique delicacy, to be enjoyed while walking through the streets of the historic center! - Popizze - round pancakes of leavened dough. A culinary spectacle of which you can no longer do without! - Panzerotto - you cannot leave Bari without having eaten the typical panzerotto. The classic one has a filling of mozzarella and tomato, but you can find many other original variations! You will taste the best panzerotti of the city, chosen by the people of Bari themselves! - Panino con polpo (octopus sandwich) - a typical Apulian street food dish, it is an octopus grilled and seasoned with a drizzle of oil and a splash of lemon. Inimitable! - Ice cream - we will finish the tour with a fresh homemade ice cream, the best in town.