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Bari: Bike Tour & Pasta Making Experience
65 USD
Explore the charm of Bari on two wheels and indulge in a culinary adventure with a local Italian "signora". This unique 2-hour bike tour combines the thrill of sightseeing with a hands-on pasta-making experience, allowing you to soak up the city's atmosphere while learning the art of traditional Italian cooking.
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Embark on a leisurely cycling adventure through Bari, exploring the city's rich history and cultural landmarks. Pedal your way to the majestic Cathedral of Saint Sabinus, the imposing Swabian Castle, and the venerable Basilica of Saint Nicholas, with its mysterious Crypt. As you ride through the narrow streets of the old town, soak up the authentic atmosphere, where tradition and daily life blend seamlessly. Women sit at their doorsteps, deftly crafting pasta by hand, while children play freely, and the savory aromas of home cooking waft from every corner. Conclude your Bari escapade at Signora Maria's cozy abode, where you'll uncover the secrets of Orecchiette, the region's beloved homemade pasta. Savor the experience, accompanied by a glass of rich Primitivo wine, as you indulge in the fruits of your labor – a delicious, freshly made pasta feast.