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Torreglia: Villa dei Vescovi
12 USD
Secure your entry to the breathtaking Villa dei Vescovi, nestled in the picturesque town of Torreglia, and uncover the secrets of this stunning proto-neoclassical gem. Perched atop the lush, rolling Euganean Hills, this 16th-century villa is a treasure trove of ornate rooms, each adorned with exquisite frescoes that await your discovery. As you wander through the villa's grand halls, let the beauty of this architectural masterpiece leave you enchanted.
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Perched atop a hill in the picturesque Euganean Hills, surrounded by the lush, unspoiled beauty of the Veneto countryside, Villa dei Vescovi stands out as a pioneering masterpiece that paved the way for a return to classical elegance in northeastern Italy and beyond. Its Renaissance-inspired design, evoking the grandeur of ancient Rome, influenced the likes of Palladio and his followers. Conceived in the early 16th century by the noble Alvise Cornaro at the behest of the Bishop of Padua, the "Bishops' Villa" was envisioned as a serene retreat for the bishop's intellectual circle, where the tranquility of the countryside could foster elevated thoughts and contemplation, deemed essential for wise governance. Designed by Veronese architect Giovan Maria Falconetto according to a strict geometric plan, the villa also benefited from the expertise of Giulio Romano. This refined experiment in Humanist culture seamlessly integrates architecture, art, and landscape, engaging visitors in a captivating game of visual references through its loggias and terraces, ultimately enhancing the well-being of those who linger. As you approach the villa, rolling vineyards give way to the vibrant, geometric beauty of the walled garden, which in turn reflects the real landscape in the idealized panoramas of the loggias and fresco-covered interiors, courtesy of Flemish painter Lambert Sustris. The original purpose of this enchanted property – to inspire and uplift the spirit – remains intact today. You're invited to indulge in the tranquil atmosphere of Villa dei Vescovi, whether for a creative day of leisure or an overnight stay in the guest accommodations, basking in the warmth of this unique haven.