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Padua: Pasta and Tiramisu Class with a Local Host
157 USD
Immerse yourself in Italian culinary traditions with a unique cooking experience in a local's home. Learn the secrets of crafting two of Italy's most beloved classics: al dente pasta and creamy tiramisu. As you cook, savor the fruits of your labor paired with a curated selection of regional wines.
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Immerse yourself in the authentic tastes of Italy with a unique cooking experience at a local's home. Discover the secrets of hand-rolling fresh pasta dough, crafting two traditional pasta shapes, and whipping up a heavenly tiramisu. Delve into the world of Italian cuisine, picking up valuable tips and techniques from your host, who will regale you with captivating stories about the local culture and its rich culinary heritage. As you sit down to enjoy the fruits of your labor, savor the delicious dishes paired with a curated selection of local wines. Experience the famous Italian hospitality, taking away more than just memories – you'll return home with valuable cooking skills that will stay with you for years to come.