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Verona: Romeo and Juliet Guided Walking Tour
64 USD
Uncover the enchanting city of Verona with a knowledgeable and enthusiastic local expert. Step into the romantic tale of Shakespeare's legendary lovers, Romeo and Juliet, as you wander through the city's ancient streets and historic landmarks.
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Unravel the captivating tales of Verona, the city that inspired Shakespeare's iconic Romeo and Juliet. Our guided tour commences at the ancient Arena, a remarkably preserved gem built even before Rome's Colosseum, still thriving with cultural events today. Stroll through Verona's charming streets to Juliet's enchanting abode, where the famous balcony and poignant statue of Juliet await. Next, we'll wander into Herbs Square, a vibrant hub buzzing with market stalls, the majestic Lamberti Tower, and the ancient Domus Mercatorum. Our journey continues at the historic Signori Square, where architectural treasures from the Roman, Romanesque, Gothic, and Renaissance periods unfold before your eyes. Meander through medieval courtyards, leading to the Scala Family Tombs, a testament to Verona's rich heritage. Please note: This tour will take place regardless of the weather, and our guide will wait for a maximum of 10 minutes from the scheduled departure time.