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Venice: Traveling Opera in a Historic Palace on Grand Canal
103 USD
Imagine yourself immersed in the drama and passion of Italian opera, surrounded by the majestic beauty of a historic Venetian palace. This unforgettable experience takes place in the stunning Palazzo Barbarigo Minotto, a centuries-old gem located on the Grand Canal. What sets this performance apart is its unique format, with each act unfolding in a different ornate hall, transporting you on a captivating journey through the palace's opulent rooms.
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Immerse yourself in the majestic world of Italian opera within the stunning Palazzo Barbarigo-Minotto, a masterpiece of Venetian-Gothic architecture in the heart of Venice. This historic setting is home to a revolutionary opera experience that shatters conventions, placing the audience at the centre of the performance. Through a trailblazing approach, the boundaries between the singers, musicians, and spectators are blurred, allowing you to experience the thrill of opera from the inside out. The innovative 360-degree stage design and three-act journey through the palace's opulent rooms will leave you spellbound, as the scenery transforms around you. Harking back to the 19th-century tradition of lavish opera soirees, this modern-day reimagining is brought to life by a stellar ensemble of virtuosos, featuring world-class vocalists, a talented string quartet, and a master pianist. Each performer has conquered the stages of the world's most prestigious concert halls, and now they come together to create an unforgettable night of music and drama.