Florence: Chianti Wineries Tour with Food and Wine Tasting
60 USD
Embark on a captivating half-day adventure from Florence to the picturesque Chianti Hills, where you'll delve into the world of wine at two authentic family-run wineries. As you wander through the lush vineyards, you'll have the unique opportunity to engage with local vintners and sample some of the region's finest wines, accompanied by an assortment of local specialties.
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Practical info
Embark on a journey to the picturesque Chianti region, accompanied by a knowledgeable guide and a comfortable coach ride. As you weave through the rolling hills, your guide will regale you with fascinating stories and anecdotes about the landmarks you'll pass along the way. Your first stop will be a local "cantina", where you'll be warmly welcomed by the winemakers themselves. After a brief introduction to the winery's rich history and the various types of wine produced, you'll embark on a guided tour of the facilities and nearby vineyards. Delve into the world of winemaking, learning about the meticulous process, the art of barrel-making, and the stringent standards required to earn the coveted "Chianti Classico" classification. Then, indulge in a thrilling wine-tasting experience, savoring four distinct wines paired with an assortment of locally-sourced delicacies, such as cheese, bread, olive oil, and cured meats. Your guide will provide insightful commentary on each wine, sharing expert tips on how to fully appreciate its nuances. After relishing the flavors, board the coach once more and make your way to the second winery. En route, take a brief pause at a breathtaking viewpoint, where the stunning Chianti Hills unfold before your eyes. At the second winery, discover the unique production methods, the secrets behind their exceptional vines, and the role of weather in shaping the grapes. During a guided tour, explore the facilities and stroll through the vineyards, followed by a tasting of up to three more exceptional wines. Your charismatic host will share the intricate stories behind each wine, allowing you to appreciate its distinct character. After some leisure time, make your way back to Florence, bringing back memories of a day filled with wine, wisdom, and wonder.