Pisa: Guided Tour with Optional Tower Tickets
56 USD
Embark on an intimate guided adventure to uncover the secrets of Pisa's iconic Miracle Square. As you stroll through this historic hub, you'll delve into the majestic medieval cathedral and baptistery, skipping the lines with pre-booked tickets. Take your experience to new heights by opting to conquer the legendary Leaning Tower of Pisa, an unforgettable highlight of your Italian escapade.
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Practical info
Embark on a captivating guided walking tour and uncover the secrets behind Pisa's iconic landmarks, complete with skip-the-line access. Delve into the rich history of four revered religious edifices: the majestic Pisa Cathedral, the imposing Pisa Baptistry, the world-famous Leaning Tower, and the intriguing Opera del Duomo Museum. Commence your adventure at the picturesque Fontana dei Putti in Piazza Arcivescovado, Pisa. Stroll through the Square of Miracles, a treasure trove of European medieval art and one of the world's most stunning architectural ensembles. Step inside the cathedral and marvel at the exquisite marble mosaics and soaring pointed arches. Discover the Tuscan artistry and Byzantine influences that shaped this architectural masterpiece. Next, be awestruck by Italy's largest baptistery, a sonic wonder that transforms into a monumental instrument every 30 minutes under the guidance of the duty officer. Opt for the Leaning Tower experience, the crowning jewel of every Pisa tour. Unravel the mystery behind the tower's precarious tilt and the origin of its name. Ascend the 251 steps to the top and, if you choose to linger, explore the museum and unwind on the panoramic terraces overlooking the Square of Miracles.